A word about fees:
(Because if you're like me, you want the bottom line first!)
Cheapest isn't best, when it comes to your web presence, nor should you have to pay exorbitant rates just because some people charge them.
For any project, I'll work with you to create a custom package that fits within your budget, and you'll always know up front what things will cost before we ever begin.

WordPress Sites

Need a WordPress site built? First of all, that's a great decision - WordPress is amazing!

And you've come to the right place; I can work with your theme, help you find a theme, or even work with your design team to come up with something completely custom.

I can also help you optimize your current site, making sure the flow suits your customer's needs, and help you locate and configure the right plugins to make your site do exactly what it should.

Copy Proofing

There are two types of people in the world: Those that say “It’s close enough!” and those that quite literally cringe at any punctuation error, misspelled word, or dangling participle – not to mention seeing writers use “literally” when they mean “figuratively!”

I’m the second type of person, and I’d love to help proof your copy. After all, you don’t want half of your audience to cringe, literally or figuratively!

Quality Assurance

I’ve worked with some brilliant coders in my time, people that write code that I couldn’t begin to write myself.

And I’ve learned that even the most amazing coder needs someone to test their code, to approach it with fresh eyes, and to use it like the end user will, which is often quite different from what the coder wrote it for.

I’m good at breaking things, is what I’m saying, and I’d love to break your code. Better to have me do it, and save you endless support tickets!


So you have this amazing thing, and you know how to use it…as well you should. You built it from the ground up!

Your clients, though…they have questions. Lots of questions. The same questions, over and over and over again, and you are so busy answering those that you can’t make the next great thing.

I can help with that – whether it’s shooting video tutorials, or creating screenshots and written documentation.

Just think what you can create next if you aren’t answering “But if I click this button, what happens?” for the 97th time in one day!


We all feel stuck sometimes – that “It’s right on the tip of my brain!” feeling, when you almost know what you need to do but you can’t quite articulate it.

Often, you just need to say things out loud – bounce ideas off someone who can tell you if you’re on the right track.

Many of my clients find they already know the answers, and it just takes a conversation to help nail the pieces in place.

I’m available for short consultations, all the way up to series of hour-long calls. Let’s chat!

Audio Editing

Podcasts are awesome…finding the guests, planning the episodes, recording the event.

But editing? You’ve already done the hard work of recording, and now you just want to get the podcast live.

That’s where I come in; I can help snip out those filler words and sibilants and any unfortunate awkward pauses, leaving you with a trim, great-sounding podcast for your audience in just a short amount of time!