Hi! Thanks for stopping by my "About" page!

I'm Rebecca Diamond, which is probably pretty obvious by the site name.

I've worked in IT since 2006 (for more of that, click to view my CV, please.)

But if we were all just what we do for work, that would make for a less exciting world, wouldn't it?

So here are the things that make me uniquely Rebecca Diamond, outside of my day job (and in no particular order!)

I'm married to an amazing man; July 2021 will mark 24 years of marriage. I'm thankful for him every single day. In 2019, he survived a life-altering brain injury - while he's now permanently disabled, he's still here with me and I'm so very grateful.

We have a teenage son, my pride/joy/only and the reason I work remotely. Being able to spend time with him is a blessing I don't ever take for granted.

Speaking of blessings, my faith is important to me - important enough that it's immensely personal, and it leads me to embrace people of all genders, orientations, faiths (or lack thereof), and nationalities.

Kindness is my theology, and that's as far as I'm willing to inflict my beliefs on others.

I have cats, three of them, and my social media features them rather prominently. They are my office companions, they wake me up and escort me for coffee and back upstairs to my office every day. If you hate cats, I'm sorry - but I still promise to like you anyway.

My favorite emoji is :laughtears: even though I hear it's not cool any more.

My life mantra, courtesy of my amazing, beloved, and missed-every-single-day Gram, is "What doesn't kill you, you can find a way to laugh at." (See: favorite emoji, above.)

My avocation is sticks and string; I love to knit, weave, crochet, sew, embroider, tat, splash yarn into dye pots, etc. I dabble in design in knitting, tatting, weaving, and embroidering. Sewing and crochet are a bit more problematic for me, but I still play with them on occasion. You can find more about that at my site for all things fibre, What Are You Making Now?!

Ten is the best Doctor; I'm more like Mal than I'd care to admit; I used to identify with Buffy but now I find myself more with Giles (geez, I guess that means I'm adulting now?!)

People are awesome. I mean that. If you're into MBTI, I'm an ENFP - I love to be around people, to talk with people, to hear their stories. I've never failed to learn from anyone I've met, and chance meetings with strangers have changed my life for the better on more than one occasion.

Enough about me - I'm looking forward to meeting *you*!

Feel free to reach out to me anytime; I do my best to answer all inquiries within one business day.